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Media provides us with all sorts of things: the news of the day, distract-me-please dramas, and straight-up cold, hard facts. Not so long ago, we had to get by with newspapers, radio and the occasional visiting circus or theater troupe. These days, we’re immersed in media (tv, radio, internet, computers, magazines, cell phone apps, books, etc., etc., etc.) to an almost ridiculous level. It’s fun to wonder what aliens might think of us based on our media sensations alone. In reality, though, many of us take this all for granted. Mass media, in its many iterations, will be around forever, right?

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11.13.09 [CF] Thunder & Wonder Girls – Cafe Mori (30sec)

cute Doong doong!!! Sr:… more →

Canadian Business Magazine profiles Drawn & Quarterly

Kevin Boyd wrote 3 minutes ago: Published earlier this week, Graphic novels: Canadian Splendour – How Quebec’s Drawn … more →

Tags: Blogosphere, Newspaper articles, Publishers, retailers

Thought Police Drive Lou Dobbs Off CNN

Harold wrote 7 minutes ago: Kurt Nimmo 11/12/2009 The foundation liberals have finally done it. They have managed to get Lou Dob … more →

Tags: Freedom of Speech, Illegal Aliens, Political Correctness, Propaganda, racism, SPLC

Yesterday’s News: SEPTA Strike Coverage

kymbays wrote 12 minutes ago: (This category of posts will be devoted to news analysis of events. Since hindsight is 20/20 they wi … more →

Tags: Yesterday’s News, Bias, FOX 27, Fox News, Labor, Mayor Nutter, Philadelphia, SEPTA, SEPTA strike

Politico Nails it!

usna1957 wrote 14 minutes ago: Today, Politico reports: “President Barack Obama plans to announce in next year’s State of the … more →

Tags: Culture, Economics, Education, Politics, taxes

How to Save Music Journalism?

Jani “야니” Timonen wrote 29 minutes ago: Music critics and magazines are in trouble. How to save music journalism? Or is it even necessary? … more →

Tags: Business, Entertainment, Music, Journalism, Music: Journalism, Magazines, Miten pelastaa musiikkijournalismi?, Musiikkijournalismi

Emily wrote 30 minutes ago:   If you’re tired of seeing the same white male faces featured as ‘experts’ i … more →

Tags: Feminism, Journalism, News

The Blinders – Jihad at Ft Hood

Dr. Bill Smith wrote 43 minutes ago: Old stream media has PC blinders on. Read the “Jihad at Fort Hood” series for non-Politi … more →

Tags: military, War-on-terror, ‘War on Terrorism’, Ft Hood, Jihad, Political, political cartoon, Terrorism, william warren

The new “V”…. The good, the bad and the WTF???

thegripester wrote 48 minutes ago: So… Have you watched the new V yet?  Well, you better hurry!  There have been 2 episodes, and … more →

Tags: Movie – TV Reviews, Political Rant, Science Fiction, aliens, Anna, Christian, Christianity, federal, Fiction

Visual Anecdote – ‘Real Estate Lift-Off’ Cover of the Georgia Straight

vreaa wrote 50 minutes ago: Heading into orbit, or destined to be a giant fireball? The Nov 12-19, 2009 Georgia Straight Cover, … more →

Tags: 13. 2010 Olympics Related, 14. Social Effects of the Boom, Anecdotes, bubble, housing, Olympics, Real Estate

The best of the week…

Mark Carroll wrote 55 minutes ago: WOAH!! A. LOT… going on this week, I recon I may neatly compartmentalise the action into heade … more →

Tags: Digital, Marketing Mark, Print, Creative, CV, idea bounty, Jobs, Mark Carroll, Marketing

UC flash mob local media roundup

Stuff Queer People Need To Know wrote 56 minutes ago: The Cincinnati Enquirer: Flash mob for marriage equality video The News Record: Flash mob protests M … more →

Tags: activism, Cincinnati, DOMA, Elections, Gay Marriage, Maine, Ohio, Prop 8, Protests

How The Media Are Dropping The Ball On The Ft. Hood Shooting

Bill wrote 1 hour ago: Fort Hood Shooting – [T]he media continue to ignore the much more mundane, but seemi … more →

Tags: Commentary, Terrorism, military, War, Hate

Someone to Watch Over Us

thescoundrel wrote 1 hour ago: In a move that should have surprised no one that follows the kiss-ass relationship between local Qua … more →

Tags: Where’s the Beef?, Life, Current Events, Politics, Fleecing the Sheep, scalawags, scoundrels, News, Quad Cities

Spicy Bean Cacao Chili

The Healthy Apple wrote 1 hour ago: Now, this is what I call ‘Delicioso’.. talk about a sweet n’ savory winter meal. T … more →

Tags: Nutrition, restaurant review, Action Against Hunger, Basil, BASIS, basis farm, cacao nibs, Carrot, Chick Peas

Twitterfication and general consumption…

Mark Carroll wrote 1 hour ago: WOAH!! A. LOT… going on this week, I recon I may neatly compartmentalise the action into heade … more →

Tags: fun stuff, Inspiration, Thoughts, Customisation, Design, twitter, Vinyl Toys

PubBiz – Charging Ahead

Matt Mullen wrote 1 hour ago: Whilst I was sat on the train last Sunday – heading off on my travels again – I did what … more →

Tags: ecommerce, Magazines, Newspapers, Subscription

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