Milestones In The Media Then and Now

Growing up in a small country was very exciting, there were no Televisions and radio was the only communication device that we had, there were music, news, gospel hour, and play acting, over the radio.  Life was simple, thee were no phones.  Then came the Television which was in black and white and came on in the afternoons about 2pm until 10pm and signed off and, the reception was poor and had a lot of static.  I remember shows like The Loan Ranger, My Three Sons, Gun Smoke, bonanza, Dark Shadows, then came the game shows such as The Price is Right, Name That Tune, and News at 6pm and 10 pm.  I remember when John F. Kennedy was, assassinated his funeral, and when the First Astronauts went to the moon, and the beginning of soap operas such as Love of Life, The Secret Storm, Search for Tomorrow,  and All My Children.  Then came the Telephone, which was expensive, had poor recrption, and a lot of static.  People was able to communicate with each other if they had a telephone, before that, communication was done in person or through the mail.

Today, we have color TV, cable that is clear and is seen all day and all night, the Radio expanded and is on all day and night, and do a lot of reporting and news coverage, and play a variety of music.  Then came the emergence of the internet and the cell phone, and now there is multi-media coverage both on TV and the Radio, talk shows, search engines on the web, and a vast internet system that you can access a world of information at your fingertips.  The telephone service has improved tremendously, and you can make domestic, long-distance and international calls, and then came the calling cards and the cell phone which you can use to text your family and friends, hear the news, log on  to the internet,  take pictures, and down load information and play music.  The internet has become so popular that you can now attend classes on line, email friends and family, start your own business, and communicate with friends and businesses all around the world.  There is multiple channells on TV all communicating and reporting the news as well as entertaining it’s coustomers.  There is alwo news on the internet, different sites such as face book, twitter, blogs, you can now document your Nurses notes on-line and get your Narcotics and document you medications throught the use of a computer.  You can now use imaging to see what’s going on with a patient and also do surgery using a computer. 

In the future, what do you think will happen, computers will taker over a lot of our work and the internet will continue to evolve and advance technology, and the world will be at our fingertips.  With the new internet system, people can now steal information from unsuspected customers / people, and people can use the internet to build bombs, involve in high risk groups, and create havoc.  My only hope that as the internet continues to expand, that more security is used to protect it coustomers and that they are able to get rid of the bugs that crashes our computers, and businesses.


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